Google AdWords: The Do’s and Don’ts

Marketing Agency in SydneyTo most people, managing Google’s AdWords campaign is the simplest thing. All you have to do is to get different keywords, set up a budget and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that.

According to, AdWords management can help you drive quality traffic to your site – which you can over time convert into sales for your business. But, you must have a clear strategy before embarking on it.

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to AdWords:


  • Use a keyword planner – If you are looking for a way to find, expand and optimise your keywords, Google has the tool just for you. The keyword planner helps you find long tail keywords that are effective when it comes to AdWords. Nonetheless, you must be patient during your search if you’re looking to get excellent keywords.
  • Create re-targeted keywords – If you would like to draw the attention of users who’ve already left your site, you need to create eye-grabbing ads that are tailored to consumer needs.
  • Test and measure – The best thing about carrying out an AdWords campaign is that you can set up a budget for a specific keyword and watch how it performs. You’ll get information on what to avoid and what to invest in. Additionally, you get to know the profitable keywords and use them to attract traffic to your site.


  • Use a keyword only on the basis of search volume – A highly searched phrase attracts a lot of competition, meaning that you’ll have to spend more. Aim to evaluate the relevance of the keyword in relation to the user’s needs. If you find that this keyword doesn’t add any value to your site, then you might as well ignore it.
  • Pay attention to popularity metrics – You might get disappointed when you get a message that your ads are not running because your keywords are not being searched for. Do not focus much on this. Instead concentrate on keywords you know your prospective clients are likely to use on Google.
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Never try to outbid your competitor, as there will always be someone with a higher budget than you. If you’re struggling to make any sales with your campaign, you should consider hiring an AdWords management agency. They will help you implement an effective AdWords campaign that gets you sales.