Guide to Hiring Third-Party Corporate Cleaners for Startups

Female Janitor Mopping the FloorBecause of the many advantages of hiring a corporate cleaner, Salt Lake City startups are enjoying smooth sailing operations. Cleaning service crews are part of the everyday fabric of corporate life.

Their work is essential for employees to be effective in their jobs. A clean and sanitary office promotes harmony and productivity.

What can you expect from corporate cleaning professionals?

Daily office cleaning is tedious and hard work for janitorial services. Often, all the cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacuuming and disposing of are completed at night to minimize disruption. share that janitorial personnel may also conduct maintenance tasks during regular office hours as needed. Extensive cleaning activities such as washing and waxing floors, especially in high traffic areas, are sometimes conducted during the weekends.

The usual scope of professional services includes cleaning of function rooms, furniture, bathrooms, and walkways. These are daily tasks, but there are also activities performed periodically, such as maintenance of light fixtures, ceilings, carpets, and upholstery. Companies based in Salt Lake City usually bring their own equipment and products. You should confirm during the initial meeting whether this is the case, of if they expect you to have certain equipment at the office.

Costing for janitorial services

If you are a start-up currently looking for the most competitive janitorial service in town, you should create a shortlist of companies that send a representative for an actual ocular inspection of the office area. A proper quote is based on the total area measurement, the overall condition of your office, and the age of the building. These are main considerations in determining the type of products to be used, as well as the length of time of cleaning. The estimate also includes any specific cleaning request you may have, and so it is best for the representative to see the area and discuss terms.

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Lastly, put your trust in a company that employs certified individuals. Inquire about their hiring procedures, and ask if they conduct background checks on their staff.