Handle Sales Objections With These 4 Steps

a car seller closing a sale and handing over keysIf you’re new in sales, your biggest fear must be customer objection. It can be demeaning and even make you think that you’re not meant for the job. A true salesperson knows that objection is a normal part of his life and there are constructive ways to handle it and use it to his advantage.

Sales expert The Friedman Group believes objections must be handled empathetically, which helps you connect more with your customer instead of detaching yourself from the interaction. Here are four steps to manage complaints that won’t make you feel less of a person, but more of a salesperson.

1. Say “Thank You”

These two words always go a long way. Thanking a customer for their time to even give you an objection can easily create a connection. Use this to your advantage by diffusing any negative reaction and showing them gratitude.

2. Show Empathy

Knowing how someone else feels, especially when it’s not good, makes the situation easier for them because they know that someone else understands. And that is a powerful emotion that you can use to create a bond with your customer that will make them trust you.

3. Discover More

Now that you have that trust, you can start to build rapport with your customer. As you keep the customer engaged in conversation, ask him questions why he didn’t want your product. Look for clues in his answers that will give you a chance to address his or her issues.

4. Stress on Value and Benefit

Once you hear the trigger words for the value and benefits your products have, go ahead and point that out to them. Find a way to say it without sounding sales-pitchy because that’ll just turn him off.

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Know that your sales career won’t progress and you won’t grow as a salesperson if you don’t experience objection. Accepting that it’s part of your life now will make it easier for you to get through your first few months.

Stay open; learn from each experience and follow these stems and you just might turn into the next Steve Jobs.