Helpful Tips for Schools Planning to Hire Hopeful Teaching Assistants

A teacher tutoring a boyWhen looking for a qualified candidate to fill in the teaching assistant position, have them undergo a formal application procedure, similar to a teacher. Once you receive a list of potential hires from an education recruitment company in London such as Link Education, it must include an accomplished application form and cover letter.

During the interview, you can choose a panel of interviewers from your team to evaluate the candidates. They should be able to probe how the applicants can efficiently deal with a group of kids. Keep in mind that your goal here is not to appear intimidating, but you will need this to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Throughout this application procedure, you will have to provide them with a person specification and job description. The candidates will have to carefully go through all of these and determine how their experience, skills and characteristics match your requirements. The best applicants will be able to outline this in their application and share it with your panel during the interview.

Specifically, here are the common characteristics and skills that you will need to search for:

  • Creativity and flexibility
  • Capacity to handle tough behaviour well
  • Passion for working with kids and the knack to manage groups of kids
  • Outstanding organisational skills
  • Capability to form good relationships with adults and kids
  • Good communication skills
  • Numeracy, reading and writing skills

To be able to observe the above skills in the candidate, they must display good communication and literacy skills. This includes assembling a spell-checked and well-written application that reveals why they deserve the role.

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Meanwhile, they can showcase their organisational skills by entirely accomplishing the form and delivering any of your requested documents or letters. They also have to submit all of these before the deadline.

As you know, the applicant will not be able to validate all their characteristics and skills during the application process. Consider asking illustrative examples to prove their worth.