Hiring Woes: Saving Time on Recruitment

RecruitmentWhether your business is small-scale or a large corporation, getting the right people to fill in all the positions can be difficult. You need to go through a lot of people and screen each of them individually to find the one most fit to handle the responsibilities of the job they’re applying for.

Unfortunately, not every business has the time to individually screen applicants with their own staff, especially smaller businesses that are in the midst of expanding. There’s just not enough manpower.

If you’re having trouble finding the right people for your company, there are some ways you can narrow down the pool of applicants without spending hours doing in-depth interviews.

Hiring Recruiters

Perhaps the easiest way to find the right people for the job without having to interview them yourself is by hiring someone else to do the recruiting for you. HudsonHiring.com says enlisting the aid of dedicated recruiters can save your business valuable time and give you the opportunity to focus on more important things while still narrowing down potential employees.

When you hire recruiters, they’ll do the preliminary interviews for you and help you better decide if the person applying is really the right one for the job. The only thing you’ll really be doing is the final interview and by then, all you need to do is give your final decision.

Phone Interviews

Interviewing potential applicants through the phone is another way for you to narrow down the pool of applicants. Your own human resource staff or hired recruiters can do this, and usually takes no more than a few minutes.

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Start by having the employee tell something about where they studied and their work experience. You should have at least five or six questions ready, and they should be probing questions so that you can get an idea how the person works even before you meet them personally. The application process is also considerably shorter if you do pre-screening through the phone as the applicant already has an idea what the company is, and you’ve already asked the basic interview questions.

These are two of the most common ways to go through people applying for a position in your company faster and more efficiently. Doing these not only saves time, it also reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person.