Home Heating and Cooling: Types of HVAC Systems

Air conditioner at homeHave you done an energy efficiency assessment for your home and discovered that you need additional insulation installed? This is a guide to the cooling and heating systems that are worth considering.

A residential HVAC system is divided into two parts: the heating and the cooling system. These categories have more types and breakdowns that match up to the size and type of your houses, as well as your needs. That said, here are Niagara Region’s best heating and air conditioning systems that you should consider.

Multi-stage or single Stage Heating Systems

If you reside in areas that have the extreme winter climates or areas with extreme summer heat, then the single stage system is the best one for you. The system is designed to provide the desired temperatures in extreme weathers. The multi-stage, on the other hand, saves you money and energy as it can be adjusted to give the desired level of heating or cooling.

Zoned Systems

These heat or cool specific areas of your home through controlling the zone dampers or zone valves. These gadgets are located inside the duct work or the vent where they can block the air flow. They save energy and money as they only heat or cool the specific areas that you need.

Humidity control

If you reside in an extremely humid area, then this system is the best option for you. It consists of dehumidifiers and humidifiers to cool and heat your house respectively. This system gives you automatic control over the humidity in your house.

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However, if the system is incorporated in your HVAC system, you cannot control humidity if the HVAC system is off. If you want to control even with the system off, then you should separate the humidity control system from the HVAC.

Before purchasing any cooling or heating system, ensure that you consult with your local plumber to identify the requirements of your home. Also remember that it pays to check the system that is popularly used in your area, in case you want to sell the house one day.