How Can Virtual Tours Work for Your Hotel?

Woman checking a hotel's website

Are you looking for ways to increase your bookings and conversion rate? If so, then you should try using a virtual tour, which is one of the most popular go-to strategies of many hotels these days. Experts cite that travelers who are planning a trip will spend 3x longer on a website when they interact with a virtual tour.

The longer potential guests stay on a page, the more they are likely to book because of their level of engagement.

A top provider of hotel web development services cites the following ways virtual tours can work for your hotel:


A virtual tour gives control to potential guests; they can view your property and visit the areas they want to see, whether it’s the gym or the restaurant without leaving their homes. This provides them with a sneak peek as to what they can expect when they check in. This level of interaction keeps visitors engaged and encourages them to book their stay in your property.

Virtual tours also show that you care about the needs and preferences of your clients. Guests get to explore at their own pace and see what makes your hotel superior to others.

Important Sticky Content

Sticky content, such as videos or virtual tours, grab the attention of potential guests and keep them engaged. You can add videos of the different types of rooms and other facilities.

Mapping Your Hotel

Visitors would like to know more about your property. To engage them, use maps that present visual information about the important details of your hotel. Show photos of nearby restaurants, shopping centers, attractions, and other noteworthy places near your establishment. Some potential guests would like to know if your hotel is in proximity to public transport and the places they want to see during their vacation.

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Virtual tours are potent tools to improve your brand’s interaction with potential guests. Use them to convert at a higher rate and convince visitors to choose you over the competition.