How Much Does a Split System Air Conditioner Really Cost?

An air conditioning system being installedAir conditioning is no longer a luxury but a necessity in most homes. The effects of global warming have made heat during some seasons too much to handle. If you are thinking about installing an air conditioning system right now, looking into the split system type is more economical in the end. But it does come with costs. How much? Read on.

Average costs for split system air conditioner

The split system air conditioner unit is highly preferred these days, with its compact design, impressive quiet performance, energy efficiency, and 100% reliability. It does command, however, a high price tag for an initial spending.

Split system air conditioners can go from a little over $1,000 or more, depending on the capacity, brand, and other specs. There is also that installation cost to pay for a split system air conditioner in your Sydney home. This kind of unit cannot be installed in a DIY manner like the window types. It requires expert skills and tools, so you really need to call in professionals to handle the job.

The varying costs of installation

Installation costs may vary. That is because this kind of unit has two parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is placed in whichever room or area is meant to be cooled while the outdoor unit, housing the condenser coil, the compressor, and the expansion coil, among others, must be placed outside. Ideally, the outdoor unit must be near the area where the indoor unit is but certain considerations are valuable to its successful installation. That is where the prices vary.

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The outdoor unit must be moved to a more suitable location where it will not destroy a view; that part of the house that is rarely seen or used. In that case, extra pipes and extra care in making sure the job is neat may be required, and they come with extra costs. Do not worry because that would compensate for a better outcome in the end.