How to Make Good Money from Household Rubbish

Photo of used plastic bottlesMostly, when you are done with something such as a toilet paper roll, kitchen roll, broken pans, mugs, basins and plates, you probably don’t think about them anymore. Perhaps you dispose of them. However, waste management companies like LKM suggest that you could save the environment when you engage in scrap metal recycling entrepreneurship.

How to go about it

With the emergence of e-waste management solutions, you should consider taking your household’s waste materials for recycling. You should also take plastic bottles, aluminium cans, and even electronic waste to their respective recycling plants.

Used Bottles

Beers, soda, juice and water, are mostly packaged in plastic or metallic bottles. While the value of a plastic bottle is dependent on bottle deposits, both type 1 and type 2 bottles can give you a substantial income. In fact, type 1 costs about $500 per tonne and $800 tonne for type 2.

Clothes and Shoes

The majority of people store or even dispose of worn out and unwanted shoes and clothes. If you no longer use them, sell them and earn some money.

Home and Office Furniture

It is not uncommon to store broken furniture in the office or at home. Sell them at a garage sale, or have them refurbished and sold at a higher price.

Scrap Metals

Metal is used for many things, for this reason, the scrap metal recycling business is a thriving one. Copper, aluminium, steel, are only some of the scrap metal you could collect.


Generally, there are numerous items and materials that you can sell for recycling and earn some money. Among the many recycling processes, scrap metal recycling is such an undertaking that you cannot ignore.

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