How to Make Hardwood Floors Last a Century

Maid Cleaning Hardwood FloorsHave you ever seen a century-old house firsthand? Inside such timeless relics, you can often find polished and beautiful hardwood floors that have stood the test of time. The people at have seen these stunning and durable floors in many homes.

Century-Old Floors

Hardwood flooring can be a valuable asset to your home. This flooring would not only be eye candy for you and your guests, but it can also raise your property’s value in the long run. Specialists can install a hardwood floor in your home during a renovation, but your work doesn’t stop there. To make sure the flooring lasts beyond a lifetime, it is vital to avail of quality hardwood floor maintenance in Pleasant Grove. You can follow the tasks listed below to maintain your hardwood flooring.

Regular Sweeping

Sweeping and dry mopping are easy tasks, and you must do these often. When dirt accumulates, it can wear your wood flooring down. Vacuums are also very effective in keeping your floors dust and dirt-free.

Careful Polishing

Be careful when using polishers – and avoid using wax. It’s best to know what finish your flooring has as they require different treatments. For example, if you have a polyurethane finish, use a polyurethane polish. If your floor finish is not polyurethane, experts have treatments that can restore its shine, but be wary when using these products on your own.

Deep Cleaning

To be more thorough with cleaning, mix a cup of white vinegar in a gallon of warm water and use these to deep clean your floors. Vinegar is the ideal cleaning product for hardwood floors as soap only damages them. If you do not like the smell of vinegar, use a wood floor cleaner.

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Rejuvenating Restoration

Call in an expert if your hardwood floors have been around for a while. They can restore faded hardwood and ensure they last several more decades.

Follow these tips if you want to keep your hardwood floors in top shape for many more years.