How to Plan a Green Funeral

old couple talking to a funeral agentIf preserving the environment has been a central part of life, it should also be central in the time of our death. With a green funeral plan, environmentalists can organize their eco-friendly funeral the way they want it.
There’s no doubt about it; dying is a messy business, but there are multiple ways that you can make your funeral environmentally-friendly. You can take out a pre-paid plan from a funeral planning company so you can direct all the aspects of your final farewell. Green funeral plans can help you plan the environmentally-friendly funeral you want.

No Embalming

Many green funerals use refrigeration to preserve the body for a few days. This cancels out the need to use harmful chemicals like formaldehyde that can seep into the soil and contaminate the soil and the water supply.

Biodegradable Cardboard Coffins

Solid wood coffins could take decades or longer to break down and concrete and steel vaults even longer. Cardboard coffins, on the other hand, are completely biodegradable. As an alternative, a simple cloth shroud could be used instead.

Horse-Drawn Hearse

Instead of using a gas guzzling car to transport the deceased, you can choose to have a horse-drawn hearse. Guests can also use carpooling to reduce emissions and save money on fuel.

Plant a Tree and Donate to Charity

Instead of ordering a headstone, a tree can be planted with a plaque. Organically grown flowers can also be requested from guests. If flowers are not wanted, guests can be asked to donate to charity.
There are ‘green’ cemeteries where you can choose to be buried. These are landscaped cemeteries, wildflower meadows or burial forests. Not only are these picturesque final resting places, but they also provide as a habitat for wildlife.
You can still protect the environment even when you've said your final farewell to this world. Reduce the environmental impact a traditional funeral puts on the environment. Plan an eco-friendly funeral that will protect the earth.
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