Include These Snaps in Your London Journey

Couple riding motorcycle in LondonPerhaps a minority of people do not feel the call of London and are not longing for a visit. For the rest, however, it is right up there on top of their travel bucket list. Once you have finally snagged that ticket for a trip, it is only expected that you make the most of every moment.

Documentation done right should include snaps of the following:


What is usually the first place you visit when you reach your destination? The place where you drop all your belongings so you can explore unhindered by heavy luggage, of course. Start the documentation of your journey by talking about the sweet deal you found for cheap accommodation in the heart of London. Scores of people will envy your life already—and they have not even seen anything yet.


London’s streets have a quality to them that make them uniquely London’s. Even if you do not tag these streets for your Instagram followers, those who have been and those who have been dying to go will surely recognise them. Such a snap will immediately welcome you into a group of friends who love and appreciate the city. With a simple post subtly saying you are on location, you might get tips from friends, so you will know which pub to go or which store offers the best fish and chips in the area.


A visit to London would not be complete without taking in its architecture and treating yourself to a night at the theatre. See artists perform breathtaking scenes you will not forget for a very long time, and with your snap of the theatre, you will have a beautiful reminder. Theatres of London hold their own when it comes to being Instagram-worthy, so do not worry about them ruining your feed.

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You will be one of the lucky people who have stepped foot in London. Document your journey so you can share your experience with those who cannot go quite just yet.