Industrial Waste Collection: What Are Your Options?

Your options for industrial waste managementAustralia may have a small population, but it does produce a lot of waste. In fact, it creates a whopping 64 million tonnes. That’s almost three tons for every person, and that’s just the estimate between 2014 and 2015.

There’s no doubt that industries produce more due to the nature of businesses, the number of people involved, and the resources used. Either way, a wrong method of disposal can be detrimental to the environment.

But whose responsibility is it? Who should collect or remove these industrial waste from facilities?

Collection Services

Industrial waste collection services are what these businesses require. These companies specialise in different kinds of harmful materials, such as batteries, chemicals, or even organic matter like hospital waste. They all have specific methods of disposal. Some of these rules are even unknown or less familiar to the industries.

For example, some of these items may require burning in an incinerator. The batteries must not end up in the landfills. Otherwise, the chemicals inside can leach into the soil and contaminate the water supply.


It’s also not unusual for certain communities to have their own collection services. The good thing about them is they can be for free. They may allocate a specific time and place for collection. They may also have some people to pick up the trash from the facility.

There are a couple of downsides, though. One, businesses have to do the segregation themselves. If they make a mistake, the community may not pick up the trash. As this is usually voluntary, it’s possible the people cannot sustain it. The schedules may also be inconsistent.

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Local Waste Collection

A territory may have other local waste collection companies that specialise in recycling. Therefore, they don’t accept anything that’s biodegradable. These include leftovers or food waste from industries. While they are effective, this sector may be experiencing some trouble. When there’s no incentive to pick up, they may forgo with the service later on.

All industries need to have a waste disposal and management plan. It is for the safety of their business and their community. But who does the dirty work? They may have a partner with a proper waste collection agency.

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