4 Innovative Tools for Conducting Business On-The-Go

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 Written by Leslie Krick

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Four safe and convenient mobile tools for on-the-fly entrepreneurs

I’m a small business owner, so I know what it’s like to have a mobile office, meaning you meet with clients in cafes, drum up business leads at conferences and social events, and try to sell your services at conferences and even via word of mouth! What this means for mobile entrepreneurs like myself is that I’m on the road a lot—in fact, probably way more often than I’m working at a desk in my home office. So I’ve come to rely on mobile devices such as my mobile phone to conduct my day-to-day business meetings, transactions, and financials. I’m often found using my mobile phone to edit documents, sending and signing invoices, I even use my mobile phone to collect and process credit card payments.

It’s vital to my business’ success to be able to conduct business regardless of wether I’m in my office starring at my computer or on the road with my smart phone. That’s why I’ve come to depend on the following four tools that make it possible for me to conduct my mobile securely.


As far as the secure storage of all kinds of business files—from text documents, contracts, excel spreadsheets, emails, meeting notes, financial information, images, and project essentials— the Evernote app offers secure cloud computing that can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. In fact; I’m able to write a document and store it using Evernote from my computer at the office, use my tablet to edit the same document on the subway home, use my smart phone to share it at a client meeting, and print it off using my laptop at home. This means that even if you lose say your smart phone at the coffee shop, Evernote stores all of your files securely in the cloud and no one can access your cloud without the secure password.

Go Payment

Gopayment mobile payments is a fully-secure credit card processing tool that you can connect right to your smart phone. I use Go Payment at conferences and client lunches to take secure payments from my clients, and I do so in 3 easy steps—first I launch the app, second I swipe the client’s credit card, and third I let the customer enter their personal info and sign to complete the mobile sale!


As a small business owner trying to connect with clients all over the world, I often have to travel for work. However, I stress business travel because it takes up so much time—booking flights, hotels, rental cars, and restaurant reservations all separately. But that’s not the case with Hipmunk, a mobile tool that plans all of my trip essentials for me. You see this tool collects data from a variety of airlines, hotels, and rental providers and displays the data all in one view. So you can build a personal travel schedule (including flights, hotel stay, restaurant, car rental, and more) in one application!


Hardly anyone one scans and faxes documents any more, and less and less people are scanning and email documents thanks to SignEasy, a mobile scanning tool that eliminates all the steps associated with scanning—like printing, signing, and sending back confidential documents. With SignEasy all you need to do is sign your document securely right on your smart phone in a matter of minutes!

Leslie is a freelance writer from Houston, Texas who specializes in all things mobile and electronic. She can often be found testing the newest apps, social networking tools, and electronic gadgets. Leslie is always open to new writing opportunities and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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