Ka-Ching! Ideas for Getting Cash Fast

Getting Cash FastBeing employed is not a guarantee that everything will be fine. More people find ways to augment their incomes to have something tucked in for the rainy day. Try these ideas to earn additional income.

Answer Text Messages

Most people have mobile phones and are into texting. Did you know you can get paid for such activity? There are sites where people send in questions – some bizarre – and if you reply you get paid. Each text pays small change, but if you’ve got nothing better to do and can dish out advice, Yahoo! Finance suggests visiting sites such as JustAnswer.com and ChaCha.

Rent Out Parking Space

Extra parking space, that is. There are people who park their vehicles on the street where the car can get vandalized or broken into. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement to rent out extra space for some cash.

Sell a Body Part

It’s nothing indecent or gross, actually. There are people in need of blood, plasma, hair and even breast milk. You’d be doing a good deed and you’d be compensated well for it. You have to be healthy to qualify, though.

Sell Metal Scraps

You may have a bunch of old hangers or broken metal racks. Or maybe an old car sitting in the garage for years. MARTIN SCRAP METALS and other recyclers in Perth take old and damaged vehicles off your hands in exchange for some cash.

Sell a Tree

Before hacking away at shrubbery, see if there’s anyone interested in buying them. Yes, unique or weird-looking trees do have buyers. And not only will people purchase them, buyers will even come and get the trees from your backyard. You’ll be clear of the tree and get some cash. Convenient, right?

Participate in Medical Research

Scientists develop medication and need people to test them on. Offer your services and contribute to the next medical breakthrough. And it does pay well. Just be sure to inform your doctor about what you’re about to do.

These activities bring in the cash, so why not try them? There are several ways to make some quick cash. Just be open to ideas.