Lead Us Not to Temptation (that will Screw with Our Bank Accounts)

Bank in Forest LakeIt’s a universal truth: on payday, everyone’s rich. A day before payday, almost everyone feels like a pauper struggling to make ends meet.

There seems to be a “black-out” period in between your first payday and the next. One moment you’re feeling like a million bucks; the next thing you know, you’re broke. Your money vanished in an instant—was it magic or some form of sorcery?

No, it’s irresponsible spending.

The Temptation is Strong in this One

Human nature dictates a strong want to spend, spend, spend, especially if you see something you like. Instead of saving the cash in the nearest bank in Forest Lake, you end up splurging on a pair of running shoes or lipsticks.

Avoiding temptation is never easy. Today’s surroundings shove items we have to buy. The reasons vary: it’s on sale, you need it for your house, and the favorite “I deserve this!” excuse. But if you want to put your money to good use, frequent spending shouldn’t be an option.

Cash is Your Best Friend

Credit cards come in handy in case of emergencies—unless your definition of an emergency is shoe shopping.

A credit card in your pocket makes impulse purchases easier. All you have to do is swipe the card and lose your money. If you carry just enough cash for some errands, you stray away from temptation better. Carrying cash also forces you to make a shopping list beforehand. When you plan ahead, you know what you need and how much you’ll pay for it.

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Shopping: Not the Olympics

Don’t hang out with shopaholics too much, especially if you’re not as well off. A spendaholic’s habit has the tendency to rub off. Those encouragements to try something might escalate quickly. If the mall is your favorite hangout, you’ll end up trying to best them in shopping.

Rather than shop all you want, find other ways to have fun—go hiking, watch a movie, or just volunteer together.

FLEE from all temptation! If you want to save more, flee and make your savings happy.