Low Maintenance Upgrade that Add Style to Your Home

Living room with fireplaceIf you long for a home that is classy, sophisticated and chic but worry for the back-breaking upkeep it requires, then you’re in for a surprise. New building materials and accessories already incorporate the low maintenance requirement as part of the design. Now you can upgrade and update your home to make your daily housework easier without sacrificing style.

Upgrade Surfaces

Minimize cleaning surfaces by upgrading countertops with anti-fingerprint, scratch resistant and anti-bacterial properties that can be cleaned with a few wipes. Avoid porous surfaces or surfaces with many grooves that collect dirt and require deep cleaning and scrubbing. Opt for Quartz and other high-pressure laminates over Granite as it does not stain and will never require sealing again.

Style Your Fireplace

Embellish your fireplace while eliminating the mess by shifting from firewood to fire glass crystals. Buying fire glass crystals from the Fire Glass Factory is a one-time expense that replaces the on-going expense or trouble of sourcing firewood for the fireplace. You can also say goodbye to cleaning soot and debris left over from burning firewood as the fire glass crystals withstand extreme temperatures and stay intact. When these crystals start to appear dull, it can be easily cleaned with dish soap, water and vinegar. Fire glass crystals are available in a variety of colors to suit the look of your home.

Upgrade Floors with Oversized Tiles

Remove carpets and say goodbye to your regular shampooing and vacuuming chore. And if your hardwood floors have seen better days, consider changing them as well to do away with polishing. Install stylish and practical tiles that only require mopping and do not rot when wet. Consider the largest tiles your budget allows to have less grout to worry about.

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With these practical upgrades, expect to free up hours in your day, streamlining your cleaning routine without sacrificing style. Now there are more reasons to plan for that home improvement project you’ve been hoping for.