Lowering Nicotine Use with E-Cigarettes May Help You Quit Smoking

Holding vape and e-juiceE-cigs can help a person quit smoking. Some people swear that they successfully quit smoking by using e-cigarettes.

Green Smart Living vouches that the slow route provides an exit strategy, which could lead to becoming smoke-free for life.

A Slow Process

E-cigarettes provide a nicotine fix without the tar and carbon monoxide. It is inherently safer because it uses water vapor to transport nicotine and flavors. At the same time, it does not bother others as much as cigarette smoke. Quitting smoking with a substitute cigarette like e-cigs can take -some time. It also requires perseverance and dedication.

Although some would say that quitting cold turkey produces better results, that method can be very frustrating. Using e-cig to quit smoking requires a gradual decrease in nicotine intake.

Repeating to Zero Nicotine

Starting with a comfortable nicotine level, the user gradually changes the formulation by using liquids that have less nicotine. After the change, the user stays with that formulation for about a month or two.

After getting used to the lower nicotine levels, the liquid is changed again to an even lower nicotine level. This cycle continues until the user is smoking at the lowest level. This is when the smoker starts smoking less. This entails leaving the e-cigarette device at home for periods of time.

Leaving the e-cig device and not using it helps the person get used to not having a puff. Low-strength vape is just a short step away from being a non-smoker. The smoker might have to go through the quitting process several times until he finally quits. This is no different from gradually quitting smoking by smoking less over a certain period. There would be instances of craving, which are unavoidable but manageable.

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Using e-cigarettes to quit smoking requires a method, dedication, and persistence. It can take a long time to smoke less nicotine, but it is doable and achieving your goal is possible.