Marketing Your Business Successfully: Importance of Branding

Aspect of MarketingFor any business to be successful, one of the most important aspects that it needs to focus on is its marketing efforts. Contrary to what one might think of marketing, it does not merely entail getting as many clients as possible. One important aspect of marketing is building a company’s brand or image.

Corporate identity

All successful businesses have one thing in common — a strong corporate identity. This concept pertains to the public image of a company: how it presents itself and how it communicates with other people. To create a strong corporate identity, a business must know and understand the concept of value creation.

You have to make your business be of value and essence to the people. To do that, you need to have a strong and specific vision, and purpose for your business. Take IKEA for example. The Sydney Morning Herald reports the brand’s planning to double its presence in the country.

The company aims to better people’s daily life by offering well-designed, functional home furnishing products at affordable prices. With such a specific aim, you and your employees will have a clear idea of how the business functions and how to deliver such product or service. At the same time, you create value for your clients by letting them know what they should expect from you.

Transforming corporate identity into a branded marketing campaign

Now that you know how your business should be branded, the next step is to make sure people know about it. Whether it’s online or traditional marketing, you need to consistently incorporate your branding and identity for it to create a strong recall.

Take this scenario for example. says you can send out luxurious hampers to your business partners as a New Year gift. Another option is to give away free samples to anyone who visited your store.

While both gestures may sound okay, they do not give off the same image — the first creates an idea that your business is luxurious and expensive, while the latter seem to mean that you cater more to providing affordability. Even if it’s meant for different audiences, there is a need to ensure consistency in how you present your business.