Media Planning: Examples of Marketing Avenues

Media AdvertisingThe competitive atmosphere surrounding practically any business is fiercer now than ever before, but the availability of online avenues to all businesses makes for a more level playing ground. Small businesses have a better chance of competing with bigger and more established companies, as they have opportunities to reach their niche markets using the Internet.

Not all media can help your business, however, so you must be careful in choosing which ones to include in your media planning. Singtel Media shares a few examples of media you may consider, depending on the type of business you have. Pro tip: hiring a media planner to do this for you can make the process of choosing and activating certain media easier and more effective.


While every company these days would do well to have a web presence, websites are more useful to those that use eCommerce. This means you promote and sell products online, whether exclusively or not. Older or more traditional companies that introduced online selling, ordering, booking and memberships have reported an increase in profit and brand recognition. Many companies do business exclusively through a website, as well.

The magic of the Internet is based on its ability to connect people from anywhere with the merchants or products they need, even if the merchant is located on the other side of the world. Real-time activity is possible at all hours of the day so that any customer can access a seller any time, anywhere. The number of people using the Web to shop has overtaken the number of clients who never shop online.

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Radio ads

Those that need to reach a more local niche can also benefit from a website, but they can also use more traditional means, such as radio ads. This is a good option depending on your type of customer. For example, those aiming for middle-aged, stay-at-home women in a rural area may benefit more from radio ads than from a website.

TV ads

This is also effective when marketing to the same group above, plus elderly and retired people. If you have a younger clientele, post your TV ads on networks that cater to that specific demographic.

The most common concern with TV and radio ads is the cost, plus there is a strong tendency for ads to reach audiences outside the business’s locality. But if you can target your audience properly, these tried and tested marketing tactics may still work to your benefit.