More Infrastructure Projects in Auckland Spur Need for Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting now crucial to Auckland's infrastructure plansAuckland wants more roads and wants to improve its wastewater infrastructure and transportation links, after it decided to build 7,000 new houses in the city’s northwest.

This spurs a need for preventive maintenance such as abrasive blasting to prolong the lifespan of such structures. The city council recently borrowed almost $340 million for infrastructure development in key parts of the city, which means a greater need for preventing corrosion.

Economic Impact

The cost of corrosion in the country reaches around $9 billion per year, and this includes deteriorating concrete. While new infrastructure projects bode well for Auckland, there should be a contingency plan for structure longevity.

Rust often serves as the most obvious manifestation of corroded steel or concrete. Fortunately, there are many corrosion specialists today who have developed different ways and tools for prevention. Even if it is not possible to eliminate corrosion completely, a regular maintenance schedule will slow down its effects. This would not only be cost-efficient, but also ensure the safety of new infrastructure.

Infrastructure Loan

A lack of funding for infrastructure could be one reason houses have been in short supply. Communities need to have access to basic amenities, so building homes without a clear link to water, transportation and medical facilities would be undesirable.

Auckland’s multi-million loan may not be enough, but it is still welcome news to solve the city’s dearth of residential properties. More homes would help in lowering the average price, which currently cost more than $1 million.

Whether it is a public or private project, the need for abrasive blasting improves surface preparation for new infrastructure. This reduces the chances of corrosion and prevents costly repairs in the future. When choosing a specialist, find one who deals with different types of abrasive media to provide you with an informed decision.

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