Moving House: Do You Need Moving Insurance?

moving housesOrganizing a move is usually a challenging feat, from sorting stuff to packing them up and choosing among different moving van lines. You also need to make certain that your belongings would arrive in your new home intact and in the same condition you packed them up.

However, anything might happen during your move, including accidental breakages and road accidents that could easily damage or lead to the loss of your belongings. That said, you should consider taking out a moving insurance. Below are the types of moving insurance to help safeguard your belongings during relocation.

The Moving Valuation or Basic Limited Liability Protection

Upon signing the contract with your mover, you would be automatically covered by basic limited liability insurance in accordance with federal law. This is included in the mover’s total quote, so you won’t need to pay extra money for this.

However, this would only cover $0.60 per pound for every item, which is lower than the worth of your belongings. It likewise doesn’t allow for claims of punitive damages, so if your movers are trustworthy and reliable, and you only need minimum protection, this might be a good option for you.

Full Value Protection

This is a better option to protect against potential risks during your move or if you have pricey items, like high-end electronics and precious works of art. It’s likewise a great option if you’re relocating to another state since your insurance provider would be responsible for the replacement value in the event that you damage or lose an item.

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The valuation of your items would depend on their weight or cost, but you could also opt to set how much you want an item to be protected, including the deductibles. Take note that you need to pay for full value protection insurance out-of-pocket. If your moving company doesn’t offer this option, you need to find a reputable third-party provider.

Whichever moving insurance coverage you choose to go with, it’s a good idea to photograph or take videos of your insured items so you have proof if any issue arises. Likewise, file a claim against your insurance company as soon as you notice that there’s a damaged or lost item. If an item with sentimental value gets damaged or lost, no amount of insurance coverage could replace it, so make certain to pack and safeguard your possessions properly to avoid having to deal with lost and damaged items.