Must-Have Earth Movers for a Successful Construction Project

Construction men with bulldozer behind themEarth movers are an essential part of a construction project. As part of a project-based sector, however, these machines are often left idle in between projects. This leads to machine depreciation and overall wear of individual machine parts.

The cost-efficient and convenient option in the construction industry, therefore, is to hire equipment rather than buy it. Hire Direct Ltd notes that there are some must-have heavy machines you should rent regardless of your type of construction. Here are some of them.


You can use these machines over tracks or wheels. The traditional excavator comprises a bucket arm connected to a cab in which the operator sits. The cab can rotate 360 degrees and gives the operator full visibility of the area they are working on.

Contractors use excavators in material handling, trench digging, demolitions, heavy lifting, dredging and rough grading.


These are the most reliable and strongest construction machines. They have a flat blade operated by two hydraulic pistons, which allow it to be adjusted to different depths and angles.

Bulldozers move dirt along a vast expanse of land for fine or rough grading. The bulldozer’s weight is also used to crush large boulders.


The two types of loaders you need for your project are the wheel and track loaders. The track loader is extra large and is ideal for large-scale moving, lifting and pushing. Its tracks enable the loader to distribute weight evenly hence it cannot sink into soft soil.

Wheel loaders perform the same tasks as a track loader but at a faster rate. They, however, leave marks on your construction site due to their weight.

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Above-earth movers are among the most versatile in the construction sector. They can hence handle a broad range of functions and give you your money’s worth. Apart from the above, you can also add dumpers, trenchers, and scrapers to your list of equipment you could hire to enhance work efficiency.