New Zealand, Striving for a 100% Renewable Energy Future

Renewable EnergyNew Zealand is famous for its marvelous landscapes and rich biodiversity. The makers of the Lord of the Rings movies chose this location to convey a place and time filled with fantasy.

The country is home to a wide range of forests seemingly magical in immensity, density, and diversity. There are numerous species of animals unique to the country, such as flightless birds, which include the kiwi, from which New Zealanders get their moniker.

Striving for Clean Energy

More than 80% of NZ’s electricity comes from renewable energy, mainly hydroelectric and geothermal. Homes and places of business and industry — including an airport complex — also use geothermal heating. It is highly efficient and produces no carbon monoxide emissions.

Electric cars are also gaining popularity, and these types of vehicles are a perfect match to New Zealand’s energy sources. Other countries rely more on gas and coal for power generation, so using electric cars there still cause a big dent in the environment — although indirectly.

Solar-driven technologies are on the rise. More than 17,000 residential systems, 50 schools, and even a shopping mall use them. The price of solar energy generation has been continually dropping and may soon compete with hydro power and geothermal.

Planning for the Future

New Zealand has continually goaded its citizens into being environmentally aware. The government by way of its policies, as well as incentives to its citizens, has shown a drive to become one of the leaders in environmental protection, especially renewable energy.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern plans for the country to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2035. Boosting geothermal energy production and efficiency can make up for the dip in hydropower production during droughts, and together with solar power generation and wind farms — the goal of 2035 might be achieved.

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