Office Culture

Office spaceAs you plan to grow your business, consider your office space and layout. Is it about time to re-arrange your office plan to utilise more space and accommodate extra staff? Should you plan to upgrade your boardroom furniture from a quality supplier like Whiteleys Office Furniture?

Your ideas for improving office space may be for a variety of reasons; maybe to increase productivity, improve the work environment or develop a company identity amongst staff.

So, how can you improve your office space in a way that will deliver such results?

Common Areas for a More Natural Collaboration

It is not always easy to establish collaboration as everyone has their own personality and field of interest. Pixar and Google’s office layouts are designed to stimulate ideas on how to build collaboration among workers. By putting up more ‘common areas’, where staff can read, think, work and even eat together, more opportunities are available for people to get to know each other. The chance meetings increase possibilities for incredible ideas to spring up from the random conversations; in this way, the collaborative working experience is made natural ‒ not forced.

Flexible Space for a Change-Friendly Working Environment

Office staff change and so do work styles. Sometimes the staff turnover brings invigorating change to the work environment, and on other occasions, change comes with experience. Some employees require quiet space for better contemplation whilst others prefer to work with a team to achieve results and skills. Sometimes change would also come in the form of having new employees as well as losing existing ones.

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The working space – its design, layout and divisions need to adjust for such changes; either foreseen or unexpected. How?

Physical factors affect the productivity of workers. Are they comfortable at their workstation, cubicle or office? Is the furniture ergonomically designed? Do staff members have personal space and places for safe storage of their belongings? Other factors concerning the basic office standards include access to toilet and washroom facilities, sufficient lighting and access to drinking water.

Different work environments have positive and negative effects on staff and productivity. By thinking carefully about your company staff and their workplace, you set out the guidelines for an office layout that encourages productivity.