Play as a Mode of Enhancing Concentration in Kids

Smiling girlKids in kindergarten tend to have very short attention spans. They can be seated calmly one moment and in seconds they are hopping around or dozing off. As a teacher or parent, it can be taxing to order the child to stay in place time and time again. Here are a number of games kids can play to enhance their levels of concentration:

Sequence games

These are games that require the child to follow certain pre-written steps in order to make or build something. Having a simple cake recipe, for instance, helps the child execute each step while looking forward to the next step up to the final stage. Alternatively, the teacher can involve the child in setting up school desks in colour sequence or the classroom toys in alphabetical order. Notice increased focus after a few such play activities.

Mind games

Mind games are excellent at strengthening the child’s concentration and ability to think and memorise things. Here, they are able to depend on their minds to think, plan and remember. Such games include jigsaw puzzles, card games, and crossword puzzles among others. They help better the child’s ability to remember pictures, numbers, and words, thus increasing concentration.

Stay still games

Challenge children to sit still without moving and wait to see how long they do it. Another variation of this game is the renowned ‘freeze’ or ‘statue’ games. They involve commanding the child to freeze in whatever position they are in at that exact point. If they move, they lose. But if you get to command them to unfreeze, they win. Playing this game repetitively is fun for the kids and improves their ability to focus on one particular activity.

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Children tend to learn a lot more by engaging in physical play activities as opposed to using objects such as tablets or computers. Physical activities keep the child’s mind active, resulting in longer attention spans.