PPC vs. SEO: Which One Should You Choose?

PPC vs. SEOYou’ve probably heard of different arguments over whether to use SEO or PPC for your business. These two are the most commonly used digital marketing strategies today. As a business owner, you’re looking to not only boost traffic to your website but also want people to convert.

SEO is a process of boosting your site’s visibility on search engines like Google. The results are also called natural or organic results. Digital marketing expert PurpleClick Media explains that search engine optimisation uses strategic tactics to rank your website in search engines and dominate in the first page. This improves your chances of getting organic traffic to your site.

Pay-per-click (PPC), on the other hand, is a method wherein advertisers pay social media platforms and search engines whenever their ad is clicked. You’re paying for online visibility.

The differences between PPC and SEO

While there are an estimated 81% consumers using SERPs to make their purchase, it can be expensive to ignore users by not implementing the right online marketing strategies. Most business owners do not know the difference between paid ads marketing and organic search results.

SEO brings traffic to your website when you appear on the first page of search engines. When someone searches for your business for example plumbing in sandy and your site appears on the first page of search results, then you’ll get traffic to your site.

PPC uses sponsored ads which run along your search results and change after every search. You’ll find these ads on the topmost area of Google pages. You’ll likely find what you’re looking for but you won’t get the best results.

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How can SEO and PPC help your business

Although these two digital marketing strategies get you results, they are different in the way they attract traffic to your site. It’s estimated that organic SEO gets you more than 8.5 times more results compared to PPC sponsored links.

Both SEO and PPC advertising can give you amazing results. PPC links are the fastest way to get traffic, but doesn’t always guarantee your visitors will click through your site. SEO may take more time, but the end result is satisfying. Contact an SEO expert today to get your site on the first page of SERPs.