Protect Your Brand and Products Online — Here Are 3 Ways How

Group of people having a business meetingPut yourself in the shoes of consumers for now. You’ve been eyeing this branded leather handbag online for quite some time now. You’ve looked at different vendor sites and noticed their prices differ dramatically. Reviews on each site mention that imitations of this brand are being sold as originals.

How would you feel about buying that handbag then? You might still buy it, but won’t it make you stop to think even just for a second?

Now go back to the seller’s point of view. Measures such as MAP policy enforcement (registering all possible domain names copycats may use against your brand) are some ways to set your business apart from fraud online stores and protect your credibility.

These tips should further protect your brand and product from multiple online offenses.

Create strong pricing directives

Hire attorneys who handle antitrust laws for your pricing policies. Set a solid enforcement plan, and let your resellers know that these are in place for their protection, too.

Be clear about its compliance and how authorities penalize non-compliance. Take advantage of technology to have the best tracking and monitoring process.

Respond to reviews without delay.

When a review becomes public on the internet, it remains there for a very long time — forever in most cases even. Bad reviews can affect your brand no matter what kind of business you have.

Respond calmly and positively to both good and bad reviews. This will show people that you care about and listen to your customers and are professional.

Post relevant content on social media.

New media is a whole other world when it comes to marketing. That’s why you have to be careful with your online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform you have.

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Post positive and inspiring articles about customer experiences or causes your brand supports. This builds trust and loyalty among your customers and keeps them interested in your brand.

With the endless number of online stores sprouting every year, your efforts to keep your business competitive might seem small. However, these steps should protect your brand slowly but surely, which is better than no protection at all.