Protecting Our Water Resources

Clean water with a dropsWater is the source of all life. Humans and all living things cannot exist without it, but this source of life is in danger because of pollution.

Water Pollution

Water pollution happens for many reasons. Unfortunately, many companies and industries do not use the proper spill control supplies when toxic chemicals leak into the environment.

For one, the use of insecticides and pesticides in farming allows these toxic chemicals to seep into the water supply.

Improper waste disposal is another factor, especially in the mining, manufacturing, and agricultural industries. The factories dump their waste chemicals into rivers and lakes, hoping that natural processes would break down the chemicals.

The oil industry is another factor in water pollution. Accidental spills and leakages affect marine and aquatic life.


The solutions to water pollution seem simple, but it is the application and enforcement of these solutions that many people find difficult.

First, people need to practice proper waste disposal. Many countries are now segregating their rubbish to recycle materials such as plastic or glass.

Scientists should find insecticides and pesticides that are more gentle to the environment and have limited to no effect on humans or water resources.

Companies should have the appropriate spill control supplies to prevent leakages and spills from spreading into the environment. These spill control supplies can also be used to clean up chemicals on land.

Protect water supplies

You can do your part in saving water resources by segregating rubbish and recycling waste materials. Use rainwater for your garden or cleaning your car. These simple acts can help save the environment.

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Millions of creatures, including human beings, depend on water to survive. However, if people continue to ignore this problem, they are endangering not only future generations but also the planet.