Redesign Your Office That Will Motivate Your Employees to Do More

Office Redesign in Salt Lake CityWhat do the offices of Google, YouTube, and Facebook have in common? Successful, happy, comfortable, motivated, and productive employees. Why? There are plenty of reasons for why but one of the most important answers is because of their creative office design. Studies have shown that there’s an actual link between employees’ productivity and happiness in the workplace. So how do you do this in your office?

Determine Existing Design Issues

Prior to the redesign, identify issues that might be hindering your employees’ productivity and go from there. Typical areas to look at include your employees’ comfort level and their needs around the office as they go about their day.

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

If your employees probably spend the bulk of their day sitting in their chairs, you have to ensure your office furniture is ergonomic, says Main Street Office Furniture. Correctly fitted chairs and workstations will keep your employees healthier and more productive throughout the day.

Ample and Proper Lighting is Crucial

Did you know that terrible lighting could actually cause headaches, eyestrain, irritability, fatigue, and even depression? Conversely, proper lighting could significantly enhance productivity and help keep your employees more focused. Try rearranging office furniture so that all workstations could benefit from natural light from windows. If this isn’t possible (not enough windows perhaps), bring in more lighting options and hang mirrors to reflect light throughout the space.

Create Spaces for Collaborating

Ensure that your employees have an area that’s exclusively for mingling and catching up with each other. This would work particularly well if the majority of your employees perform similar tasks day in and day out. These collaborative spaces will aid in keeping your employees from hanging out in their own workstations during break time and zoning out.

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Provide Ample Storage to Avoid Clutter

Workstations must always look organized and tidy both for your employees’ and visiting clients’ benefit. The easiest way to avoid clutter in workstations is to provide proper storage. Take note that a cluttered space could lead to a cluttered mind, which is something that you don’t want for your employees.

Plenty of businesses that have redesigned their workspaces to make their employees happy are now reaping the rewards; so think carefully about how you want to go about the redesign if you’re looking for a productivity boost. And don’t forget to ask suggestions from your employees for best results.