Screening Process: Is Your Organisation Required to Do It?

Check Word on Red Keyboard ButtonWhether it’s a for-profit or not, all organisations need to enforce employee or staff screening procedures. This is one of the most important basics of running any association. It’s through such policies that the owners, leaders, and managers can ensure the safety of not only the existing personnel but also the well-being of the people they deliver their services to.

And in a work setting, personal background and history are critical when carrying out the screening process. No potential hire should make it into the workforce without going through a pre-employment process.

What exactly goes into the screening process?

There are many different types of screening methods. Choosing the right one means basing it on the particular tasks and responsibilities that the applicant would need to fulfil. In some cases, the law, or legislation, mandates screening. However, the organisation still has the choice to develop their screening procedures, and they may opt to require undergoing criminal record checks in addition to a police check for employment.

When does the legislation require screening?

As mentioned above, there are some instances wherein you need to conduct screening because the law requires it. You have to satisfy this requirement in case the position you need an employee or a volunteer for involves working with children, disabled individuals, and the elderly adults. You should also review the laws such as the Children’s Protection Act 1993, the Disability Services Act 1993, and the Aged Care Act 1997 to further ascertain your legal responsibilities.

When screening isn’t mandated but still a must?

Even when the position you offer doesn’t fall within any of the above-mentioned legislation, you should still conduct a screening procedure. Whether it’s for general employment or a vulnerable person related screening, verifying the identity and the background of an applicant can make a huge difference in your organisation’s safety and security.

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