Security Guards Protect and Safeguard Company Assets

Security GuardsSecurity is a primary concern of every business establishment. Many millions are lost every year due to theft, property damage and work stoppages. Huge losses force large companies to close down their operations. And many thousands lose their jobs in the aftermath.

It follows that there will always be a great demand for security personnel to address these concerns.

To preserve the continued profitable operation of their facilities, businesses avail of expensive security systems and equipment and employ security guards to ensure safety and implement their policies.

The security guard

Security guards keep watch at their designated areas to ensure that no crime takes place and that everything proceeds smoothly without undue disruption to business operations.

Qualifications and requirements

But not everyone can be a security guard. Most companies require that an applicant must not have a criminal record or do drugs. You must have at least a high school diploma. A high moral character and a firm adherence to the rule of law is a must.

You must have at least some prior basic training in this line of work. One who served in the military has a decided advantage. Especially, you would be prioritised for hiring if you have taken up and passed security guard courses in the Gold Coast from

You must know your duties and responsibilities and how best to conduct yourself in the performance of your work. Usually, your employer will provide the needed site and job orientation. Although much more can be learned while you are on the job.

You should also have some familiarity with the handling of firearms and possess the certification or licence required to carry a firearm and work as a security guard.

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Important work and service in the face of imminent danger

A security guard is himself not all that secure. In his work, he is directly in the line of fire due to diverse criminal threats. And If he is not diligent and capable, he could come to some harm.