SEO Product Descriptions: Making Your Products Sell Themselves

SEO Expert Regardless of the quality and usefulness of your product, if you sell online and no could find you, it’s high time that you implement a better SEO strategy for your product descriptions and your site. Below are some suggestions to optimize your product descriptions so that consumers will notice them:

Start with the Essentials — Keywords

Although search engine algorithms are highly advanced, they still depend on keywords for pointing searchers to the right answers. That said, keyword research is crucial to find out which ones will work for your products. Your product titles must contain relevant keywords, including some descriptive terms or synonyms if required, to make certain that searches will point potential customers to your products.

Don’t Underestimate Meta Data

The first thing you see after typing your search term online are the titles and descriptions of the results — the meta data. In the majority of instances, these are important for rankings and what searchers use for choosing a website over the other. While these won’t appear directly on your product pages, they will appear in the page source coding of search engines.

Your meta title must only contain 55 characters (including spaces) and details such as your company name, keywords, and contact details. Take note of the 55-character limit since anything beyond it won’t be included. Meta descriptions must contain 160 characters max, including spaces as well. These must contain key product information or any significant benefits of your product or if you can, an effective CTA or call to action.

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Craft High Quality Product Descriptions

Search engine optimization (SEO) companies in New York explain that your product description must highlight how great and useful your product is — how consumers could use it, why they need it, and why it’s simply the best choice. A well-crafted product description must incorporate keywords in a natural and effortless manner, selling the benefits of the product by subtly coaxing consumers to convert.

More importantly, ensure that your descriptions and titles feature high quality, unique, and relevant content that’s centered on SEO. Using duplicate content from other websites, typical bullet point features, or keyword stuffing are a thing of the past and could actually damage your SEO efforts when it comes to relevancy and brand visibility in search engines.