Small But Incredible: What Makes Singapore Worthy of Your Visit?

Tourists walking in Singapore CityAre you planning to have an Asian escapade soon? You might want to include Southeast Asia in your itinerary. And while you are at it, you should not forget Singapore—you might even want to put it at the top of your list.

While small, Singapore is a mighty powerful and beautiful country. Despite its diminutive size, it offers big reasons for you to visit. It is an interesting country with a rich culture and friendly people. Living here, even for a few days, will open your eyes to many delightful things and experiences.

Here are some of the top reasons Singapore is worthy of your visit.

The Food

Singaporean cuisine is diverse, as a result of being a port city welcoming immigrants from nearby countries. There are a lot of fares to try. Satays are for starters. Laksa, red chilli crab, sambal and char kway teow are some of the must-tries. But if you want to explore fusion and modern cuisine, you can always find a high-end rooftop restaurant in Singapore.

The Shopping

Are you a shopaholic? If yes, you will treat Singapore as a shopping haven. There are many places you can visit, whether you are buying something unique to the country or you are planning to get something expensive. The shopping centres offer things ranging from locally made products to high-end items. Orchard Road is a must-visit.

The Old and the New

If you are a big culture vulture, you will surely enjoy the interesting amalgamation of the old and the new. On one side of the island, you will be treated to a set of colonial houses, temples and old towns. On the other side, you will be marvelling at the monumental beauty of modern architecture (the airport and Marina Bay Sands, for example).

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The tiny country has some of the biggest things to offer. So pack your bags; Singapore is waiting for you.

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