Strategies to Improve Your Logo Design

Man Designing a LogoThe logo is a visual representation of your brand’s identity; it can create powerful associations, whether good or bad and may even elicit an emotional response from those who see it. The best brands can distinguish themselves simply by creating an image associated with their company, such as the case with Coca-Cola and Apple. You want this top of mind recognition, a Calgary-based logo design company cites the following ways to improve the look of your logo.

Understanding Your Brand

A logo is an image, but it is also a representation and the introduction of a brand; if someone is unfamiliar with your company, logos help them remember you when they look for products or services. The imagery you choose for your logo must be able to reach a certain market when you start designing it. Look inward and understand who your brand is, what your values are and what perception you want to create.

Design or improve a logo based on what you want to aspire to be, implementing trends come second. Stay true to your brand’s personality and target audience; this solidifies your position in a niche and makes it easier for you to create the associations you want.

The Name Matters

The best logos combine distinct imagery and word marks; it takes a lot of time and effort to solely use a symbol to represent your brand such as is the case with Mercedes, while other businesses use logotype entirely, like IBM or Ray-Ban. When going with logotype, maximize negative space and avoid gimmicks when using a particular font. If you can, customize a font that distinctly represents your brand’s personality.

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Easy but Flexible

Balance quirky and simple because you want your logo to pique interest, but you don’t want people staring at it trying to figure out what it is. Design something that may look good on different platforms, whether on paper or digital format.

A logo is an important part of your brand; improve or make one to distinguish yourself from the competition and strengthen your hold in a niche.