Sustainable Timber: The Construction Material of the Future

Trunk cracks of a treeTimber is one of the most prized materials in the construction industry. From basic shelters to conventional houses, wood has provided a durable and reliable source of construction material for centuries. Before the use of concrete and steel, wood was the standard foundation and the structural frame of many buildings. Today, the material is amazingly versatile, providing attractive and functional options, whether for modern designs or a rustic look to contemporary buildings.

Since not all lumber is sourced responsibly, many Australian businesses, concerned about their environmental impact, make sure they obtain only sustainable timber. But what exactly is sustainable timber?

The Rise of Green Design

Sustainable timber harvesting involves replacing trees after they are cut down. This process ensures that the harvested area is not permanently damaged and gives protection to the surrounding environment, including protection to native flora and fauna.

Acquiring sustainable timber in Australia has never been easier. Over the past few years, more people in the construction industry have switched to sustainable timber. All companies need to do is source their timbers from a sustainable forest certified by the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS). They can also approach businesses like, which source sustainable timber and help incorporate it into the building design.

Efforts from Aspiring Furniture Designers and Builders

Ben Percy, a Sydney based furniture designer, is known for his expert craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability. He religiously sources sustainable timbers for his projects and adheres to manufacturing processes that leave a positive impact on the environment.

In January 2018, Percy inspired 10 aspiring designers and 13 Industrial Technology Timber students to incorporate environmental consciousness into their projects. Percy partnered with a supplier to provide the students with sustainably produced, high-quality Tasmanian Blackwood timber that is popular in the Australian design community.

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The use of sustainable timber in construction projects is taking off, as it should. Some of the most exciting and innovative designs today make use of sustainable timber. This means companies can take design to a new level without compromising their environmental responsibility.