Technological innovations at Paya Lebar Mall

Singapore cityPaya Lebar Quarter is one of Singapore’s top commercial hubs and a centre for globally competitive companies and world-class retailers. Convenient, accessible and a favourite haunt of shoppers and film lovers, this master-planned community is a bustling hive of activity in the very heart of the metropolis.

The Paya Lebar shopping mall offers a particularly unique shopping experience that is efficient and innovative. Paya Lebar is home to several technological innovations which are already in use in and around the various retail areas of the neighbourhood.

New Digital Innovations

2017 has been a busy year for the Paya Lebar mall as new technologies became available to shoppers. One of them was the launch of the state-of-the-art NTUC Fairprice supermarket app, which allows customers to check the availability of stock and create their own shopping lists. The app also comes with in-store navigation, effectively reducing the time they spend looking for specific items in the supermarket.

An Easier Shopping Experience

Along with information on stock, the application also comes with a Scan2Go system, which is currently available at the Bukit Timah Plaza outlet. Shoppers can scan items off the shelf and tally their purchase even before approaching the counter. After they complete their shopping lists, they then approach the self-checkout counters and pay. Alternatively, customers can shop online and simply collect their purchases from automated lockers in the store. Depending on the item, refrigerated lockers are also available to maintain freshness.

Other new features include an augmented and virtual reality booth where companies promote their brands.

The app also allows customers to track their shopping habits and receive personalised promotions based on what they have purchased in the past. Seah Kian Keng, the chief executive of NTUC FairPrice, states that they have plans to expand the app to cover other stores as well. This gives consumers a faster, more seamless shopping experience.

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Paya Lebar continues to be at the forefront of consumer tech.