Tenant Trouble: Handling Unreasonable Complaints

Tenants ComplainingAs many people in the Denver property business would attest, property management is largely tenant management. A large part of this responsibility is handling complaints.

In many cases, such complaints are reasonable, decently communicated, and therefore easily addressed. But too often, it’s the opposite. Tenants grumble at just about anything, usually in raised, tense voices that sometimes the matter ends up in court.

This is one of the reasons most owners seek help from residential property management firms like Bergan & Company. Nonetheless, it’s important to know how you’ll address unreasonable complaints from tenants.


It’s tempting just to dismiss a ridiculous complaint, especially if the tenant is already at the height of his or her emotions. But listening will actually help in pacifying the situation. Plus, this will inform you what exactly is going on. No matter how absurd the complaint is, it will give you a heads up about the problem (why, how, when it happened) and would sometimes cut the time spent on getting into the root of the issue.


Often, tenants complain because they want you to take a specific course of action. A classic example is a tenant telling how inefficient the appliances are. Most tenants would ask you to buy new ones. But instead of giving in to this request, you may give them the option of having an expert over to test for efficiency. What you’re doing here is you’re not dismissing the request, but you’re working on a compromise.

Have the Talk

If the compromise didn’t pan out as planned and the tenant still insists on unreasonable complaints, then that’s when you have the honest talk. Ask them for a sit-down, face-to-face discussion and tell them frankly that you notice that the requests are becoming more and more irrational. Some would take note of this, but some wouldn’t. Regardless of the result of the talk, it’s best that you make yourself clear.

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Complaints are part of the everyday life of a property manager. Through all the intense interactions with tenants and unreasonable requests, be sure to keep cool, calm, and collected. Good customer service is still the priority.