The 3 Must-Remember Pointers in Commercial Building Maintenance

Modern Commercial BuildingsOwning a non-residential property is pretty much like having your own home. You would do the best that you can to keep it looking good as new because it is an investment you have made. However, while it is easier to maintain your own home, it is quite tricky to maintain a commercial property. 

Commercial maintenance and repair experts in the UK like M&E Maintenance Solutions Ltd noted that seeking the help of a building maintenance company might help a lot. However, this does not mean you should not familiarise yourself with the tasks involved. 

Here are the three most important points business owners should be aware of:

1. Be Familiar with the Government Requirements

To promote public safety, the Department of Communities and Local Government released a guideline on Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide. Detailed in it are things that a building owner should take responsibility of. This goes from obtaining the necessary permit, following the building codes until the maintenance of building parts (i.e. HVAC systems, power, and water supplies).

2. Exterior and Interior Maintenance

Always maintain both the exterior and interior of your building. This goes beyond the doorstep of your building. As a businessman, you know you can leave a good first impression by having the sidewalks leading to your building cleaned and the bushes trimmed properly. As for the interior, aside from cleanliness, the elevators, escalators, fire exits, and other important safety features should always be updated.

3. Energy Consumption Monitoring

Have effective mechanisms to monitor your energy consumption. This is one of the most effective indicators if something is not right in your building (i.e. broken HVAC or insulation).

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Running a building is like running a household, although it requires a bit more attention and work. However, once you maintain it properly, the returns would truly be beneficial.