The Advantages of Microchipping Your Pet

Dog and a womanAustralia may be known for its natural wonders, thriving tourism, and wonderful produce, but many people don’t know that Australians are pet lovers. According to reports, over 62% or 5.7 million households have pets. It’s no wonder why online pet stores in Australia are thriving. Owners need to buy vitamins, food supplies, as well as accessories for roughly 24 million pets all over the country.

Apart from giving love and care, a microchip is said to be essential for pets and their owners. Here are its distinct advantages:

Pet Identification and Loss Mitigation

Microchips are devices no larger than a grain of rice. They are implanted by veterinarians near the neck of your pet for the purpose of tracking and identifying them. The microchip contains a unique 15-digit code that corresponds to the pet’s name, the owner’s name, address, and contact details, and the attending vet.

When a pet with a microchip goes missing, anyone with a scanner can run the numbers on its microchip to track its owner and retrieve its address and contact information. The microchips comply with international standards, so the information can be retrieved no matter where your pets are around the world. The microchip makes it easier to reunite pets and pet owners, thereby minimising loss and the pain associated with losing a beloved animal.

Tracking Vaccination and Travel Records

Australia is a rabies-free country, and the government prides itself on keeping accurate vaccination records. With two in every five household being dog owners and there being 16 cats for every 100 people, microchip technology can help animal officials keep track of which pets have already been vaccinated.

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Pet vaccination is also important for owners who travel with animals within and out of the country. This is especially true for owners who treat their pets as ‘fur babies’ and can’t bear go anywhere without them.

There are over 100 countries in the world, which have already adapted microchipping technology. It’s an accurate, affordable, and safe way to keep track of your pet’s whereabouts and their vaccination records.