The Common Denominator of High-Traffic Storefronts

Visual Merchandise When you open up your first brick-and-mortar shop, you will quickly realise the importance of having a proper display for your products. Your visual merchandise after all, is one of the key ways to attract visitors and customers to your shop.   A reliable supplier like  will tell you that good and sturdy shopfitting supplies serve as the backbone of your visual merchandising efforts.

While shelves and glass cabinets are at the heart of your product showcase and displays, it is essential to create a complete and unique in-store experience for your shoppers. In this day and age, this is vital towards capturing not only the interest but also the loyalty of the consuming public. Brands today don’t just focus on displaying the items, they also want the customers to linger and get more value through an unforgettable, fun in-store experience.

Aside from well-planned displays, here are some more ways to get customers into your store – and hopefully, get them to purchase and come back for more:


  • Create spots for great photos.

If you cater to millennials (or anyone with a smartphone), setting up store areas or pockets and nooks that have good lighting and a vibrant display is a great way to bring people in.  It’s an effective strategy to get them to bring their friends in, as well. You can even have a store employee take photos with a good camera as a free memento that can be sent to the client’s email.

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  • Have a catchy playlist of songs

Music soothes the soul and puts people in a better mood – maybe even in the mood to shop! A well-selected line-up of songs is an important part in creating a memorable in-store experience. For best results, include a variety of styles and genres, from different eras, but remember to focus on what your target market is in tune with.


  • Hire designers for your shop.

You don’t need high-end personalities to do your shop branding. Hire a good designer or brand specialist online for a more cost-efficient experience. Have them work with your shopfitting supplies company to create unique shelving and awesome display cases. A visually stimulating, exciting and cohesive look is sure to attract people into your shop.


  • Hire and train your staff to be brand ambassadors.

Your staff should embody the brand and know everything about your products, especially insider tips on how to get the best deals and how to maximise the use of your products. Your in-store staff could make or break a sale, depending on the level of service they give or do not give.  So it is always a worthwhile Idea to invest in proper training.


At the very heart of all these tips, of course, is your own passion and knowledge of your brand. Pass this on to all involved, and it could be the best decision you ever made for your business.