The Ideal Crib for Your Baby

a baby sleeping in the cribYou prepare a lot of things when you are expecting. As soon as you get confirmation, you start listing things to do before meeting your precious one. You buy baby stuff. You childproof your home. You start designing the nursery.

There is one thing you should not overlook when getting ready for your newborn – the crib. It might look like another piece of furniture, but you should not underestimate the danger of choosing the wrong crib.

Not only is the crib the centerpiece of the nursery, but it is also where your newborn will be most of the time. Making sure your baby’s crib is sound is imperative.

Free From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t spread disease. But, they may cause allergic reactions and itching that could disturb your child’s sleep. Prevent bed bug infestation by having the nursery undergo bed bug heat treatment.

Inspect carpets frequently, as well as furniture and bed frames. Bed bugs usually hide in these spots. When your baby arrives, make sure the nursery is spotless, and the mattress and beddings often changed.

Follow the Safety Standard

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has safety guidelines on cribs. Follow these standards to make sure nothing bad happens to your kid in the crib.

It should have a tight-fitting mattress so that your kid does not fall on the hard surface. To prevent falling, the crib slats should not have a distance of more than 2.38 inches. See that there are no broken parts or loose screws so the crib does not topple.

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Don’t use drop-side cribs as they are illegal in the US because of the danger they pose. It’s best if you get a new crib that follows the current safety standards.

Make Space for Your Baby

It may seem cute to see your kid snuggling with a stuffed toy while asleep. In fact, it’s dangerous. Keep stuffed toys and loose beddings from your baby’s sleeping area. These things can block your child’s mouth and nose, causing suffocation. Make your child’s nap time safe and comfortable by removing all the unnecessary items on his or her mattress.

Parenting begins the moment you learn you’re pregnant, and it never ends. Once the baby is out, the responsibility will be bigger. But, you can start by being careful with the small, equally important details — like a crib.