The Noodle Guide for the Noodle Lover

Noodles for Noodle Lovers in LorneMaybe you are a noodle person. You don’t need to be Asian to love noodles. Whatever your race, maybe you just love noodles. You probably go to a noodle bar to have your noodle meals. As you go about your noodle loving, perhaps you have, at some point, become confused with all the noodle options you can choose from. Well, if you are still confused, you are in luck. Here is a guide to Asian noodles.


Soba noodles are thin, coloured grey-brown, made from buckwheat flour, and are quite chewy. Soba originated from Japan and has a nutty flavour. In fact, you may be familiar with soba noodles if you already enjoy the iconic Yakisoba.


Another Japanese noodle that you often see in Japanese restaurants and noodle bars is udon. You may be familiar with it through dishes like teriyaki udon or tempura udon. Udon is thick and white, unlike soba, and is soft and chewy.


Of course, when considering Japanese noodles, ramen is a classic. Many know ramen as a Japanese dish, but did you know that it actually originated from China? Ramen are thin and long. You may have had one too many ramen back in college or in the office. Ramen comes in deep-fried, fried, and fresh-frozen packets, though fresh ramen may still be the best way to go.

Rice Noodle

Moving on from the Japanese, you may have eaten Pad Thai. The noodle used in that delicious dish is rice noodle. Now, rice noodle is common to several Southeast Asian cuisines, including Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian. Rice noodle are flat, wide, and thick.

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Now, when you have Chinese noodles, you may usually eat wonton noodles. Wonton noodle soup is everywhere. They are flat just like rice noodles, but are not as wide and thick. You can have wonton noodles in other dishes such as curries.

There are still so much more kinds of noodles out there, but these are the most common. You’re probably hungry now that you know all this. Time to eat noodles!