Three of the Top Hacks to Better, Younger Looking Hands

Nail polishingMany women fret about how their face looks. However, a lot of them actually give their hands and fingers a second thought, until it is too late and the skin on them looks older and they wrinkle up.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways for you to make your hands and fingers look fresh again. Here are several hacks that you should consider following to turn back time and make them look younger once more.

Bring back the moisture to your dried out or reddish skin

The skin requires moisture and in order for it to remain supple, soft, and fresh-looking. When water exits from the top layer, the texture turns flaky. However, water can also assault the skin. Too much of it increases the risk of washing away lipids – the organic compounds that retain moisture. This is especially true when you wash your hands a lot more than necessary. Aside from stripping away the lipids, this action also removes the natural oils of the skin, leading to it drying out.

The best solution for this is to use gentle dish and hand soaps, particularly those that do not come with any fragrance.

Dress up your nails

There are many ways to dress up your hands and fingers aside from pretty and nice looking jewelry. One perfect example is using attention-grabbing nail polish that suits your skin color perfectly. The best thing about this is that you can shop for nail polish online, and you have so many different, interesting, and unique colors to choose from. Best of all, shopping online is much more convenient and practical, since you will have access to plenty of colors that you normally would not find in brick and mortar stores.

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Never forget to screen up

Whenever you go out, even for just a little while, put on that sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays can badly hurt your skin, especially in terms of making it look older and blotchy.

Follow these hacks, and you can bring back the glory of your hands.