Three Ways the Sun Could Damage Your Health and Your Home

graphic photo of the SunRegardless of where you are in the day, you will have to deal with the sun at some point. If you live near the equator, you’d be looking for shade around mid-day, while those in opposite poles would find sunlight precious. But important as it is, sunlight could damage your skin and your home. Here are three rays of the sun that you should be aware of.

Visible light

Visible light is the blinding glare that makes you squint when sunlight gets into your home. While we need sunlight to find our way around our home, too much of it is not beneficial. Too much exposure to visible light could cause pigmentation, dry skin, and redness on the skin. This is why cars have tinted windows. Homeowners in Arizona tint their residential windows to protect their windows from breakage. They also do this to maintain a consistent room temperature inside their homes.

Infrared Rays

The infrared rays are responsible for the heat that you feel when you’re exposed to sunlight. While we all crave it during winter, you’d want to stay away from it during summer. While it may not be as harmful as Ultraviolet rays, overexposure from infrared rays could burn your skin. This also affects the humidity of your home. Exposure to infrared rays also contributes to the skin’s premature aging.

Ultraviolet Rays

Unseen from the naked eyes, the UV ray is actually responsible for a lot of damage that occur to you and your home. If you have any furniture near windows, you’ll see that they appear faded and discolored after their exposure to sunlight for most of the day. A lot of studies also suggest that UV ray is also responsible for causing skin cancer.

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Over-exposure to these radiations could damage skin tissues and your home. Prevent the harmful their harmful effects by applying sunscreen whenever you stay out under the sun. It would also help if you tint your car windows and residential windows to protect your home.