Top Reasons to Consider Living in Tri-Cities

Aerial View of a CommunityThe Tri-Cities Washington real estate refers to the three cities of Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco. Any of these cities would delight any potential homeowner.

It is not a question of whether you should live in the Tri-Cities. The question is which city will best suit your needs and lifestyle. However, there are three things the Tri-Cities have in common.


The Tri-Cities area is particularly safe. Some people have this idea that the south and east areas of Kennewick and Pasco are less so than the western areas. However, that is not actually true. The crime rate anywhere in the Tri-Cities is quite low, save for a few exceptions.

Residents say it is safe to walk at night. Some areas in east Kennewick have smaller houses than in the west, but they are still good neighborhoods.


The Tri-Cities have good access to schools, churches, and outdoor activities. It is near enough to the big cities for an easy commute, but far enough away to avoid the problems. Kennewick is particularly good for families.

The Tri-Cities host a number of scientific research firms in its Technology Research District. It also has a large number of microbreweries and farms, so there is something for everyone.


Some people consider small-city life boring. However, for those looking for clean, wholesome fun, this is the place to be. Aside from fishing and other water sports, the Tri-Cities area is home to great French Fries and mountain bike trails.

You can also get a tattoo at the Three Rivers Tattoo Convention if you want. No one will think anything of it. This is also a good place to find antiques and drinks. Downtown Kennewick boasts close to 400 bars.

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The Tri-Cities is a fascinating mix of the old and new. If you are looking for a nice place to settle down without missing out, you should seriously consider the Tri-Cities area.