Top Techniques to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate

Landing Page Written on a LaptopOne of the most important metrics in search engine optimization is conversion rate; traffic is nice to have, but the success of your campaign hangs on the amount of visitors who buy or at least sign-up. The landing page plays an important role when it comes to online success.

An expert on web design from New York cites the following techniques to boost the conversion rate of your landing pages.

Match the Ad Copy and Landing Page Headlines

One of the metrics of Google AdWords that determine the cost-per-click or CPC is the quality and search engine optimization of your landing pages. One of the ways to boost your score and reduce CPC is to align the content of your ad messages and the landing page. This does two positive things for you; it makes acquiring leads less costly and boosts the effectiveness of your page. Customers will also get the details and information they need whenever they click on your links.

Images and Videos Matter

You want quality videos and images above the fold; these two types of content grab the attention of potential customers and readers. Compelling photos and thumbnails entice a visitor to scroll down and learn more about your brand. The content you use must connect and align with the products or services you offer. Misleading images turn people off, and they may never return to your website because of it.

A Clear and Concise Headline

The headline of your landing page is one of the first things that make an impression on a visitor. You have to be clear on who your brand is and what you offer in a compelling manner. If a headline doesn’t immediately connect may confuse a potential customer, causing them to leave.

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These are some of the techniques that boost the conversion rate of your landing pages. Implementing these give you a competitive advantage and puts you in a good position to convert a visitor, even if it is their first time visiting your site.