Train and Be Job-Ready in Melbourne

Job-Ready in MelbourneAre you a student? You can get training here in Melbourne that can prepare you for a future career. Are you already seeking for a job? You can beef up your resume with extra training. Are you an employee? You can boost your position in your company or industry by training for more skills.

Vocational Education and Training

No matter what you are, you can benefit from training, short courses or vocational education and training (VET). VET consists of programs that are all meant to help you get a job. Compared to higher education courses, however, you do not earn a college degree, only a certificate or diploma which are already enough to land you a job in certain industries.

VET Providers

You can train in Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes, which are public schools, or from registered training organisations (RTO), which can be private organisations, here in Melbourne. In these institutions, you will learn from the experts, learn about the latest lessons and developments, and learn in a practical, hands-on approach.

VET Courses

VET courses are short, compared to higher education courses. They are also more practical and focused on a certain industry. All of these can be beneficial. The short duration can be great for students or employees who do not have the luxury of time. These courses are also the easiest way to learn practical skills.

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Course Example

You can take the TAE40110, which is the designated code for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course. The said course and corresponding certificate will allow you to become a vocational education teacher either in a TAFE institute or in an RTO. You can also become a trainer and assessor for companies and industries.

You can choose from a wide variety of courses. The selection may include security guard training or other courses that are related to different industries such as business or medicine. Whatever course you choose, you can expect to learn and become a job-ready individual.

Are you ready to train?