Two Biggest NZ Homeowner’s Problems Caused by Rain

RainfallOn the average, New Zealand receives at least 600 mm of rainfall per year spread throughout the many months, although the amount can differ according to regions and seasons. Those found in the north and central tend to have the most rainfall during the winter.

In other words, rain is frequent in the country, which means you should also not take it lightly. While New Zealand can benefit from rain to augment water supply and nourish its earth, it can also cause problems.

One of the simplest but most efficient solutions to problems caused by rain is using aluminium weatherboard profiles, which protect the exterior walls and give it an excellent industrial appeal. Nu-wall Aluminium Cladding said these are available in three kinds: Louvre, Classique and Shiplap.

Here are the two biggest problems brought about by rainfall.


In New Zealand, floods usually happen because of a cyclone. In 2016, certain areas in North Island experienced flooding so rare it occurs only once in 500 years.

The amount of rain these cyclones bring can easily cause the waterways especially rivers to swell and spill towards the nearby neighbourhoods, where water can be at least waist deep.

Structural Damage

Even if there is no flooding, rain can still be damaging, and it can target the foundation of your house. If you don’t have any kind of weatherproofing such as cladding or you are not paying attention to the condition of your roofing, rainwater can slowly get into your home and make its way to the inside of the walls.

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Water then interacts with wood and metal, which are very common structural materials. As water accumulates, wood can rot, and metals can rust. Either way, your home’s structure becomes compromised and no longer safe to live in.

You cannot stop the rain from falling, but you can do something to protect yourself and your home from these problems. Consult a professional on how to deal with rainfall difficulties.