Two Good Reasons to Move to Taranaki

Couple looking at the sunsetLocated in New Zealand, which has been named by the Lonely Planet as the world’s best place to visit this year, Taranaki is the ideal spot for people who love the outdoors and appreciate a slow, rural feel to their hometown. With a smooth, laidback culture in the foreground and various outdoor sights to explore, this region is not a place you would not want to miss.

Taranaki is also rife with opportunities. Whether you are a professional who is looking to grow a career or someone who is planning to start a family, Taranaki provides numerous options for you to achieve your goals. For instance, Stratford in South Taranaki offers several houses for rent and various employment options.

Here are some reasons to move to the Taranaki region in New Zealand:

The small town feel

The urban life is not for everyone. A rural region like Taranaki is perfect for those who are looking for a cosy, tight-knit community. In the Stratford District of Taranaki, many people describe the atmosphere as homey and intimate. It is very easy to make friends here, as there are many opportunities to find like-minded people.

In Taranaki, you will not want for culture. It also has a very active art and theatre scene. Whether you are a practitioner or a spectator, this is one of the many highlights of the region.

Outdoor activities

For those who are into hiking, climbing, or even swimming, Taranaki offers many places to enjoy. For instance, you can go skiing in Egmont Park, which surrounds Mount Taranaki, the volcano after which the region was named. The park itself is littered with many natural wonders, such as waterfalls, nature trails, and the like. You can say that Egmont Park has it all – whether you want the occasional 15-minute stroll or a good sweat, this is the place to be.

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